Wider View, More Facts – Hytera LTE Body Worn Camera VM780 Part 1

With the ever-increasing needs for enforcement transparency, the body worn cameras have been widely used by law enforcement agencies. This usage may result in better accountability between the police officers and civilians. By exposing bad or good behaviors, the body worn cameras also have a strong deterrent against misuse of force by the police officers and violent behavior of citizens.

It is essential to choose a right body worn camera for actual requirements. Here, Hytera presents its LTE body worn camera VM780. It can capture HD video to provide evidence for trial. More importantly, this camera has the ability to send live video back to the control center over 4G network. This helps the dispatcher know exactly what is happening, enhance real-time situational awareness and facilitate decision-making.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of VM780’s functions and features.

Record Facts

One of the most notable features is 216-degree rotatable HD camera. It allows users to easily adjust the angle and capture pictures or videos in an optimal view, without removing the camera from the gear. Meanwhile, the 116-degree wide angle lens captures more of a scene with minimal distortion. In dark conditions, the camera can still recognize human face 5 meters or outline 10 meters away thanks to its infrared night vision capability.



The body worn camera VM780 uses H.265 video compression technology to save 50% storage and bandwidth compared with H.264, without sacrificing video quality. Equipped with a 3,500 mAh battery, this camera supports up to 9 hours of continuous recording. The camera offers 64 GB or 128 GB storage capacity, which is equivalent to 40 or 80 hours of recorded footage.Improve Situational AwarenessThe LTE body worn camera VM780 uses the dual-stream technology. When the camera streams live video to control center over 4G/LTE network, it can also save the same video locally. This enables dispatchers and responders to share the same information in real time, making response faster and more efficient. The body worn camera provides positioning services by using GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and indoor Bluetooth. You can carry out positioning, historical track playback, E-fence, and patrol route planning on the map.

Protect Your Data and People

Hytera embeds AES-256 encryption in the body worn camera for unbreakable data security. All footage recorded by the camera is encrypted and only accessible to authorized users. The video is automatically tagged with time stamp, device ID, and user ID upon recording for tamper-proof. If the battery goes off suddenly during recording, the body worn camera can automatically recover the corrupted video file after power-on, so that users will never lose any critical moment.

The LTE body worn camera VM780 comes with a dedicated emergency key.

By pressing the key to alert dispatcher for assistance in an emergency, it helps users stay safe and secure.