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Yaesu Vertex D-Ear Earpiece with Mic & PTT for VX-160, VX-180, VX-210A Series


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Yaesu Vertex D-Ear Earpiece with Mic & PTT for VX-100, VX200, VX300 Series



D Type Earpiece – Lightweight miniature speaker – Fits comfortably over the ear – Useful in noisy environments (crowds, public places) – This type is popular with emergency services – Good for added safety when used by security personnel in difficult situations (as no piece is placed in the ear) – Improved hygiene when shared (as no piece is placed in the ear)




  • Single Wire D-Ear headset with light weight PTT
  • The soft earpiece make it very comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Fitted with the Yaesu Vertex Y3 connector for direct fitting radio’s listed below
  • Flexible, high grade Kevlar cable for demanding applications


For Models

VX-160, VX-180, VX-210A, VX-400 etc




Additional information

Weight 110 kg



Manufacturer warranty

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