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IMPRES Battery Management Software

£329.99 £299.99 + VAT

IMPRES Fleet Management Software Licence Key


  • This orders the licence key of Fleet Management Software application.
  • Software download & licence
  • IMPRES Battery Fleet Management delivers battery-critical information
  • Tells you when batteries are below an acceptable capacity
  • Helps ensure users have enough capacity for a full work shift
  • Alerts you to low capacity batteries so you can remove them
  • Eliminates unexpected downtime and work interruptions
  • Avoids the expense of throwing batteries away prematurely
  • Confirms chargers are optimally distributed and used

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IMPRES Battery Management Software Licence Key


Motorola IMPRES Battery Management software automatically collects critical data from IMPRES batteries when they are inserted into an IMPRES charger including battery age, capacity, charge and recondition history, the dates manufactured and put into service.

This software analyzes battery data and tells you how “healthy” a battery is and when it needs to be changed, so you can quickly and efficiently determine when to remove a poor-performing battery, purchase a new one or redeploy it to less demanding users, and even identify missing batteries.

Simple, Seamless and Scalable
IMPRES Fleet Management consists of three major components: the application software, a software license key and the Charger Interface Unit (CIU). A CIU is required to network each IMPRES multi-unit charger or single-unit charger* into the system. However, IMPRES dual unit chargers and the IMPRES Battery Readers do not require a CIU.
The IMPRES Fleet Management application software is scalable from a single site to a multi-site networked system and can be networked to support up to 25,000 batteries in the same location or over geographically dispersed areas.

Each Software License Supports:
• 1 System Administrator Server
• 19 Remote Clients
• 25 IMPRES Chargers or IMPRES Battery Readers per client
• 25,000 IMPRES Batteries (the total number of batteries for the entire system cannot exceed 25,000)


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