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Charger for Kenwood KNB-29N Battery TK-3201 Radio

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Kenwood Compatible Universal Rapid Charger 19K



New and boxed Universal Single Pod Fast Charger for the Kenwood models listed below. Complete with 1000mA UK mains adapter

Impact-resistant design, Short circuit protection, Micro processor controlled, Interchangeable pods, Supports Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh batteries.


Technical Specification


  • Dimensions: 135 X 105 X 60mm
  • Weight:  0.75Kg
  • No. Pockets: 1
  • Battery Composition: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh
  • Power Description: 16v
  • Charging Current: 750mAh
  • Charging Method: Constant
  • Function: Rapid Charge
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Operating Temp Range:  -20 to +40 DEGREES



For Kenwood Radio Models:


TK2200,TK2202,TK2206,TK2207,TK2217,TK3200,TK3201,TK3202,TK3206,TK3207,TK3217, Protalk. etc


Chemistry:   Ni-Mh Battery

If your radio uses the Li-ion Battery KNB-45L please check my shop for the Li-ion charger for the TK-3201. KNB-45L  ( 13K  )

One Year Warranty 


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 24 × 11.5 × 7.5 cm

Frequency Band(s)


Supported Modes

Manufacturer warranty



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