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Hytera PD405 Used Digital Radios

£62.50 + VAT

Hytera PD405 radios in excellent condition.

Photos are of the actual radios for sale.

Can be programmed to your own frequencies free of charge.

If you prefer, you can buy a programming lead from us, and we will provide the programming software free of charge.

Radios provided with 3-months warranty.



Hytera PD405 Brochure.pdf

Hytera MCA08 Six-Way Charger Used

Hytera PC76 Programming Cable for PD4xx Series


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Hytera PD405 Used


Hytera PD405 Used

Key Features

  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • IP55 Compliance
  • Dual Mode (analogue & digital)
  • TDMA Direct Mode in DMO
  • 48 channel capacity in 3 zones
  • Supports mixed (analogue & digital) channel
  • One Touch Call/Text message
  • Digital voice call function
  • Digital text message function (pre-programmable message)
  • VOX

Hytera PD405 Used

Standard Package

  • Radio
  • Standard Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery (1500mAh)
  • Belt Clip

Impressive voice quality With embedded digital technology, the PD405 produces outstanding voice quality, even in noisy environments, and at the outer perimeters of radio coverage.

Improved utilisation of the frequency spectrum Thanks to the TDMA method, DMR radios make it possible to configure the available bandwidth with double the channel capacity of conventional analogue radio. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Mixed analogue and digital channel This function ensures that the PD405 can detect both analogue and digital signals and change automatically to the relevant operating mode.

Robust build quality The PD405 is dust and water-resistant (IP55) and meets US military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G.



  • Capable of charging six batteries or six radios with batteries attached simultaneously;
  • Auto selection of charging program based on battery type;
  • Intelligently monitoring the charging process;
  • Equipped with multiple charging protection mechanisms;
  • Available for wall and desktop installation;
  • Switching power and power cord (variable in different countries or areas. ) included in the kit.


Hytera PD405 Brochure.pdf

Hytera MCA08 Six-Way Charger Used

Hytera PC76 Programming Cable for PD4xx Series



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