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Earpiece for Hytera PD400 & PD500 BD615Series G-Ear, Ear Hanger with Large PTT

£14.00 + VAT


This G-ear earpiece is a two wire ear hanger type with a large combined PTT/Mic for the Hytera PD400, PD500 &BD615 series hand portable radio’s.



G-Ear Earpiece With Large PTT for Hytera Radio PD-405 PD-415 PD-485 PD505 PD565, BD615 Series


This headset is a two wire ear hanger type with combined Large PTT/Mic for the Hytera range of hand portable radio’s. It has the Hytera H2 radio connector (Direct Connection)


  • Transmit and receives
  • Large PTT that’s easy to grab in a hurry
  • Thumb screw-connector to lock connection in place
  • Soft and skin-friendly material provides comfort for long-time wear
  • Lapel PTT with microphone and metal fastening clip
  • Super flexible PU cable reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability.


Hytera Models:

PD-405 PD-415 PD-485 PD505 PD505LF PD565 BD505 BD555, BD615, Power446 TC446S TC610 TC620


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