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Hytera Smart Dispatch IDS Software

SmartDispatch is Hytera’s dispatcher system, which was developed in accordance with the ETSI DMR radio standard.

SmartDispatch is designed for efficient communication, and supports you in managing and directing radio subscribers in the Hytera-DMR radio system.

With its client-server architecture, its modular design and its voice-over-IP support (VoIP), SmartDispatch offers next to all modern dispatching features, in just one software solution.

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SmartMDM IDS (Integrated Device Station)

Managing and securely storing evidence is an integral and vital part of any bodycam solution – an effective evidence management platform protects not only the public involved in captured footage, but also enforcement personnel using bodycams and the organisations to which they belong.

SmartMDM IDS is a professional evidence management solution, which allows footage to be automatically uploaded and removed from the RVM for retrospective management and to ensure the camera’s available memory is always in optimal condition.

Key Features:

  • Password protection to ensure only qualified personnel have access to footage
  • Auto-sync of RVMs as soon as they are connected
  • Utilise the MCA22 multi-dock unit for fast and efficient management of the whole fleet
  • Automatically upload footage to your company’s secure drive


Online / Offline status message
The radios in the DMR system can be configured so that they transmit their status to
SmartDispatch – regularly and automatically. This information enables SmartDispatch to
monitor the online or offline status of each subscriber in the radio system.
If necessary, the status query can also be performed manually via the SmartDispatch

Support for all call types
SmartDispatch supports all available call types: individual call, group call and include call.
Each SmartDispatch client is capable of coordinating up to 16 voice channels.
Radio Disable / Enable
Radios can be disabled and enabled again from the control room using SmartDispatch.
For example, if the radio is lost or stolen, it can be remotely disabled so that it can no
longer register in the radio network and cannot make or receive any calls or text

Position detection via GPS
SmartDispatch is capable of querying the exact location data of all GPS-enabled radios in
the DMR radio system. This information can be queried manually when needed, as well
as periodically, using a corresponding radio configuration.

Text messages
SmartDispatch can send and receive standard DMR text messages. A text message can be
sent to a single radio as well as a group of radios. A user-friendly, chat-oriented user
interface serves as the display for the text messages. All of the incoming and outgoing
text messages are permanently stored in the SmartDispatch database. Text messages
sent to offline radios are stored and then forwarded when the radio comes online.

Voice recording and playback
All incoming and outgoing calls are logged by the SmartDispatch server. Besides all of
the DMR voice calls, this also includes calls made to the public telephone network (PSTN).
All calls can be replayed and analysed at a later time.

Statistics and analysis
With the help of SmartDispatch, various statistics and analyses can be generated, such as
call analyses, status or tracking reports, etc.

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