4 Reasons Why PMR446 Is In High Demand

We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of enquirers for PMR446 radios, and it’s no wonder why. With so many customer-facing retail outlets suddenly battling for survival in a the new “social distancing” era, the retail industry needs all the help it can get.   Between us, we’ve been preaching the benefits of two-way […]

Hytera Programming Cable Matrix

Hytera programming cable matrix that will enable you to quickly determine which cable you need in order to programme your radios.   Hytera Software HERE   These links will take you straight to the programming cables indicated            PC109                        PC76  […]

AINA PTT Smart Button

AINA Wireless develops rugged and loud Bluetooth PTT accessories which users can connect to several push-to-talk smartphone apps such as Zebra Workforce Connect, Zello, ESChat, AT&T Enhanced PTT, Verizon PTT Plus, Kodiak PTT, Azetti, Talk-IP and GroupTalk.   A compact Bluetooth PTT key which can be easily held, clipped or attached, the PTT Smart Button […]

10 Features You Must Know About The Hytera LTE Body Camera VM780

  216° Rotatable Camera Always capture at the best angle. Provide the optimum field of view in all situations and endure 30,000 rotations H.265 Codec Twice efficient than H.264. Save up to 50% storage and bandwidth, without compromising video quality Dual-stream Streaming while saving. Live stream video to control center while saving video locally   […]

3M Peltor next generation FLEX products: FLEX II

                This announcement also introduces the WS ProTac XPI headset offering “ambient listening” capability.   FLEX II The 3M Peltor FLEX II offers a next level of hearing protection and communication for noisy environments, with newly designed speakers and microphone. Enhanced dual mold cups offer a modern, slim […]

Hytera Body Worn Cameras

    HYTERA’S HELPING HAND: Achieving more with body worn cameras             Thanks to their seamless integration with Hytera digital and multi-mode radios, Remote Video Microphone (RVM) products offer a helping hand to boost business by protecting staff, holding people accountable and deterring antisocial behaviour and crime.       […]

Hytera E-Pack 100 Ad-hoc Repeater

Achieve more with E-Pack 100 For anybody involved in field operations requiring a temporary communications system, Hytera’s E-Pack 100 solves the problem. The E-Pack 100 is a digital wireless ad-hoc repeater with versatility which leads to a flexible communication system that is quickly deployed. The E-pack can be used as a radio to make and […]

Hytera Body-Worn Cameras

Which is the right body-worn camera for me?   Hytera body worn cameras are among the best on the market – but which one ticks all the right boxes for you?     Discover Hytera body worn cameras here   Body worn cameras are helping people everywhere protect themselves, protect others and deter antisocial and […]

AINA Wireless Voice Responder

      AINA Wireless Voice Responder. AINA Wireless develops rugged wireless PTT accessories designed for users who need total communication flexibility. AINA’s flagship product, the PTT Voice Responder, is designed to integrate seamlessly with both Android and iOS smartphones as well as PoC radios. Designed, tested and manufactured in Finland, AINA products boast superior […]

Hytera R9.0 Firmware Information

Hytera R9.0 Firmware Hytera R9.0 Firmware. Hytera has recently launched a new generation of innovative features for its DMR hand portables, mobiles and repeaters. R9.0 firmware is designed to both enhance user experience and provide a greater level of flexibility. Here’s a breakdown of all the key features you should know about.     Full […]

Communicating in Hazardous Environments

Protecting those who work in hazardous environments is of great importance. Given that a reliable communication platform can significantly increase the chances of carrying out a job safely, it is our collective responsibility to ensure workers are provided with all the tools they need. Communication flexibility Sometimes achieving reliable communications can be difficult, especially for […]

SYMPOC PTT Over Cellular Products & Services

  SYMPOC Products & Services   About SYMPOC SYMPOC is a complete push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solution made up of Push to Talk International’s (PTTi) application and both Hytera and TeloSystems’ hardware, brought to the PMR reseller market by Syndico Distribution Ltd. PoC is the ideal solution for users looking to achieve wide-area PTT without […]

Hytera Bodycams Overview

  Hytera Bodycams See Everything, Miss Nothing     Discover your ideal solution Bodycam and Remote Speaker Microphone Modern bodycams are smaller, lighter and increasingly sophisticated in the type of features they now support including; full HD video quality, infrared, night vision, integration with wearable equipment and even the ability to stream live footage to […]