Introducing the VM780 – Hytera’s Flagship Body-Worn Camera

Hytera have released the latest model in their “RVM” range which completes their line-up of next-generation body-worn cameras. The VM780 has it all – not only is it a premium body-worn camera with integrated remote speaker microphone functionality, but it can also be used as a PoC terminal thanks to its ability to connect to a 3G/4G cellular network.

Hytera VM780, the new body worn camera

Body-worn cameras are becoming vital for capturing, analysing and managing evidence and video footage from the field. Whether you work in law enforcement, security, facilities, construction or sports and stadium management, body-worn cameras add huge value to existing communication systems.

Hytera cameras boast market-leading attributes such as multi-charge and data-link solutions, a range of KlickFast accessories and night-vision recording, but also possess a significant unique selling point in that they can integrate with Hytera radios as a remote speaker microphone.

The VM780 is Hytera’s flagship body-worn camera thanks to its complete feature set. It is powered by an Android operating system with a 2.8inch touch screen, and has a 216 degree rotatable camera lens unit. It is as secure as you would expect, thanks to its integrated memory and password-protection against viewing evidence either on the device of via Hytera’s evidence management software.

In the near future, Hytera’s “HyTalk” platform will be available for your VM780 bodycam. HyTalk is a push-to-talk over cellular platform for Hytera VM780 bodycams which provides PTT, full-duplex audio, instant messaging and video communication.

Perfect for control-room environments, incidents can be monitored in real-time and communication between response teams is not held back by geographical barriers – all you need is connection to a cellular network.