AINA Wireless Voice Responder



AINA Wireless Voice Responder


AINA Wireless Voice Responder. AINA Wireless develops rugged wireless PTT accessories designed for users who need total communication flexibility. AINA’s flagship product, the PTT Voice Responder, is designed to integrate seamlessly with both Android and iOS smartphones as well as PoC radios. Designed, tested and manufactured in Finland, AINA products boast superior build quality and are built to last.

Who should use the PTT Voice Responder?
If you are currently using a smartphone or PoC handset for your business communications, the PTT Voice Responder is a great way to add flexibility to the way you communicate. It’s rugged enough to endure harsh treatment, and loud enough to ensure no messages are missed.

Which PoC applications is the PTT Voice Responder compatible with?
You can use the PTT Voice Responder with all major PoC applications, including PTTi, Zello, Walkie Fleet, Group Talk and Mobile Tornado.

Aina Wireless Voice Responder

I use a smartphone to communicate when I’m working remotely, why would I need the PTT Voice Responder?
When you’re working remotely, particularly from a vehicle or in loud or harsh environments, the PTT Voice Responder adds value in the form of rugged design and loud, clear audio output, meaning you can protect your smartphone from damage and experience clear communications all the time.

Can I charge the PTT Voice Responder in a vehicle?
Yes! There is a vehicle charging cradle available, so that you can charge and use your PTT Voice Responder on the road without compromising the safety of both yourself and other road users.

Does the PTT Voice Responder have long battery life?
Yes! The PTT Voice Responder’s battery will last for around 24 hours.

Want to find our more about the PTT Voice Responder and accessories? Head over to the AINA Wireless product page, or speak to us today for more information.