AINA PTT Smart Button

AINA Wireless develops rugged and loud Bluetooth PTT accessories which users can connect to several push-to-talk smartphone apps such as Zebra Workforce Connect, Zello, ESChat, AT&T Enhanced PTT, Verizon PTT Plus, Kodiak PTT, Azetti, Talk-IP and GroupTalk.Aina PTT Smart Button


A compact Bluetooth PTT key which can be easily held, clipped or attached, the PTT Smart Button remotely controls functions such as push-to-talk, call requests and emergency alerts.

Aina PTT Smart Button

It’s highly compatible

When you need instant PTT but can’t afford to be carrying your smartphone or PDA, the PTT Smart Button is ideal. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones so that users can pair their own device with their chosen PoC application.


Aina PTT Smart Button

It’s design is simple and functional

The PTT Smart Button features a PTT, multi-function, and emergency button in a robust design that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and accidental user damage. The device is available with a clip or velcro for easy attachment.Aina PTT Smart Button

It can be used in many applications

When you need to deliver instant communications to work efficiently and keep people safe, less is more. The PTT Smart Button can effectively be used in working environments that require simple, undistracting communication devices.


Get to know AINA PTT even better

AINA PTT products are smart and rugged – they are perfect for users who need added levels of communication flexibility and deliver the best PTT experience.

Ideal for users across many sectors, including security, healthcare, logistics, utilities, aviation and many more, AINA PTT units allow users to communicate in a way which suits them, and will ensure they never miss critical voice messages from colleagues.


Aina PTT Smart Button


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