4 Reasons Why PMR446 Is In High Demand

We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of enquirers for PMR446 radios, and it’s no wonder why.
With so many customer-facing retail outlets suddenly battling for survival in a the new “social distancing” era, the retail industry needs all the help it can get.


Between us, we’ve been preaching the benefits of two-way radio communications for efficiency, safety and customer experience for a long time.

Now more than ever, retailers need help in choosing the tools to make their stores as safe and pleasant as they have ever been.

So, why is PMR446 in such high demand?

1. The work out of the box







The majority of retail users need a reliable out-of-the-box solution for staff to communicate.

With PMR446, they are getting exactly that.

For those who need a slightly more tailored approach, PMR446 radios are also fully programmable.

2. They are extremely cost-effective







PMR446 radio communication systems are extremely financially accessible even for the smallest retailers.

For a very small investment, customer-facing teams can be connected like never before without needing to invest in expensive devices or licences.

3. They are very simple to use







For most customer-facing retail outlets, the simple functionality of being able to instantly reach a colleague across the store is a significant benefit.

PMR446 radios are simple to use – they do everything you need them to do, and nothing you don’t.

4. They are compact, stylish and rugged







Retail users who are customer-facing are always conscious of carrying heavy, cumbersome equipment which may impact on customer experience.

Hytera PMR446 radios are stylish, ergonomic and house great features in a compact, rugged form factor.


Hytera licence-free radios are perfect for delivering crystal-clear digital voice communication at the touch of a button.

Perfect for users who need simple push-to-talk from compact, stylish and ergonomic handsets, Hytera has become a popular choice in the retail space.

Hytera devices are simple and easy to use, and are compact and unobtrusive enough to blend in perfectly with a uniform.


Recommended: Hytera BD305LF







The BD305LF is a digital licence-free hand portable which is perfect for business communications.

A natural upgrade from traditional analogue licence-free radios, Hytera’s “Business Digital” series offers users crystal-clear voice communications from an ergonomic, lightweight and rugged handset.

The BD305LF itself is incredibly powerful yet stylish, ergonomic and compact enough to be used and carried easily and seamlessly.

With a full range of audio accessories available, BD305LF is the number 1 choice for many retail, hospitality, restaurant and leisure users.

Full product details: CLICK HERE.


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